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 Updated Staff Please Read Important Notice ^Staff Read^

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PostSubject: Updated Staff Please Read Important Notice ^Staff Read^   Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:47 pm

Hey Guys Ok i am going to Teach you the Basics on to Be perfectly in Shape ok.

1, Start Deleting Old threads That aren't Needed Because you don't want to Forum to Look like (Crap)<--- Soryr for using the Word Crap i was Just Saying.

2,in Application Area Give User's ammount of Days to Fix there Thread when Applying Meaning if a User makes a Simple Mistake tell them to redo it because you want to act nice to people you follow me you can't always be mean because people are going to dis-like you or dis-like the website. So Here Follow the Simple Tut.

Small Tut: 1,Give User's 1 to 2 Days to Fix there apply

2, and when the 1 or 2 Days Past and Still never Fixed there apply Please Delete the Thread or Lock


Listen Guys i should be Fully Back on DarkLegacyGamers(DLG) and this Game Should be Offically Released in December 20,2009 i Think. or Before then

Umm idk maybe Darkekiz might Move the Forum.

[/img] Create your own Animation

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Updated Staff Please Read Important Notice ^Staff Read^
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