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 Kyuu's app

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PostSubject: Kyuu's app   Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:58 am

Name : Allan

Age : 14

E-Mail : GunZPro101@hotmail.com

Country : USA,Florida

What Spot is ur Application is : Mod

Why You Should be Hired :
im nice
i can post info on forums
i can help people with downloading problems

Language Spoken : English

Previous Experience : never been a Staff before, thats why im taking the chance to be one now

Proof of any Work :

Anything that You want to say : i plaed Fatal gunz,360 gunz, ijji gunz, CT gunZ, EG GunZ, Mercy gunz and im going to play this gunZ

TY for reading and i app before and i dont know if you deleted it or accepted it
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Kyuu's app
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