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 Monarch's Gm mod

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PostSubject: Monarch's Gm mod   Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:23 am

Name: Cuong

Location: Finland

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +3 hours

Age: 14

MSN: Cuong_200@hotmail.com

Applying For: Moderator

Account name: Will be Cuong104

Character name: Will be Monarch or Valkyrion

Previous experience: N/A

What I can do for the server: Im very good at forumotion and i am learning blender, im a great gm ( i take no crap, such as racism, extremly offensive language and anything else that can hurt our community) but im also a fun person and easy to get along with.

Why I should be hired:Im hard working, very active (most people will tell you that im always online) and love to help a server grow. Im also an easy going person and i get along with alot of people, as long as they are worth getting along with.

Languages spoken: English and Finland

Proof of any work: N/A

Anything else:Um all of the above. You wont regret it. I will be on the forums, greeting new players and helping everyone that needs to be helped. I will manage the GM'S in a professional manor and treat everyone with the upmost respect and treat everyone fairly, but only if they deserve it.

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Monarch's Gm mod
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